About St. Catherine's Church 
Father John Cordes 
Padre Jesus Olivares

( Padre Jesus will be here the last weekend of every month to help out Father John with everything we have at St. Catherine's)

Sister Aurora Villamar, Sister Laurentina Garcia, and Sister Carmina Troncoso 

Mass times:
Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m.
Saturday at 7 p.m.
and Sunday at 1:30 p.m.
We are a Spanish speaking community. All masses are in Spanish. 

                                  Hispanic Ministries

We also have Fr. Pat Murphy that assists us in Bible study classes.  He is in charge of the Hispanic Ministries out of Kansas City KS.  He is an asset to our congregation and we are blessed to have him work with our community.  

With God all things are possible!
        Con Dios todo es posible!
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We have several different groups within our church that help keep it running either by selling or making food, clean up and grounds keep of the church or just general maintenance. 

These groups are:
Finance Committee, Parish Council, Cursillo Group, The Youth Group, The fundraising group ( food sales) and the Prayer Group. 

Without these different groups our church would not be where it is today!
              Current members of the St.Catherine’s Finance Committee include the following:

             Armida Martinez                            Juan Rios                              Amanda Rodriguez
             Chairperson                             Vice Chairperson                    Secretary/P.R. Person

Mary Rodriguez                Mario Rodriguez              Larry Martinez             Delores Solis
Board Member                  Board Member                Board Member            Board Member

Monthly meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at 7 PM in the Little church. Items for the agenda are submitted to Armida Martinez.  Members of the finance council serve as consultors to the Pastor regarding the fiscal stewardship of the parish’s financial resources. The pastor is responsible for the fiscal management of the parish. In light of this responsibility and to ensure good and just stewardship of the parish's resources, he is assisted by the expertise of several individuals who serve on the parish finance council. The role of the finance council includes:
establishing and reviewing a yearly parish budget
monthly review of the parish balance sheet & income statements
overseeing the management of the parish facilities and maintenance
assessing the end of the year reports taking into consideration any recommendations made by an independent review or audit.
Members serve at the pleasure of the pastor. New members are selected by mutual discernment of current members and the pastor. Membership is for three-year term, renewable up to three additional years.
Members are available should parishioners have questions regarding the financial matters of the community

Fr. John Cordes
Padre Jesus Olivares
From Left to right:
Sister Aurora Villamar,
Sister Laurentina Garcia, and
Sister Carmina Troncoso

Fr. Pat Murphy